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CCPA Rights

Do not sell my personal information

The disclosure of this statement is a mandatory prerequisite by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which regulates how businesses all over the world are allowed to handle the Personal Information of California residents or users whose Personal Information is protected under the CCPA Rights. The residents of California may request access to this entire document by emailing us at info@creativedroplet.com.

By using our services, you automatically opt-in to our Personal Information Disclosure program.

Personal Information (PI) Disclosure Opt-Out and Opt-In Rights

Consumers of our EVERNEW TECH LLC services who opt-in to disclose their personal information may opt-out out of future disclosure at any point.

In order to opt-out, you or the person/company authorized on behalf of you may submit a request by sending us an email to info@creativedroplet.com.

After making your opt-out request, EVERNEW TECH LLC will wait at least a year before asking you to grant us the permission to disclose your personal information. In case you change your mind after opting-out, you may submit us an opt-in request at any time.

EVERNEW TECH LLC will only utilize personal information (PI) given in your opt-out request to evaluate and proceed with the submitted request.

We collect the following information from California or users whose Personal Information is protected under the CCPA Rights:

  • Personal identifiers and online information, for example name and email address;
  • Set of information defined under ‘Section 1798.80(e)’ of the California Civil Code, for example contact number;
  • Cookies and other information collected while interacting with our website; and
  • Occupational details.

EVERNEW TECH LLC only utilizes and discloses the Personal Information collected for business/commercial purposes, “such as” and “when” connecting you with elderly care firms. We may also disclose your information to regulatory bodies as and when required.

EVERNEW TECH LLC may disclose all information to its networked companies, but we will never sell Personal Information that is protected under the CCPA Rights.

In the event that you decide to opt-out of our program, please submit us a formal request at info@creativedroplet.com.

When sending us your requests, you are required to put “CCPA Rights (Do Not Sell My Information)” in the subject of your email, following with your original information in the body; such as your Name, Contact Number, Email Address, City, State, and Zip Code. However, requests submitted using incorrect/incomplete information or not properly labeled will be rejected without any notice.

In order to verify your opt-out request, EVERNEW TECH LLC will compare the provided information with prior information in our database. In addition, we may request you to provide further supplementary information to verify your I.D. or to fully understand the subject of your request, however, creating an account to submit your request or have it processed at our end is not at all required.

You also have the option to designate an authorized person or company to submit a CCPA request on behalf of you. Doing so requires you to authorize the person or company in writing or via a power of attorney. EVERNEW TECH LLC will obtain this proof from the authorized person or company whosoever, before accepting or processing the request.

If you request us to delete certain information from our database, you may no longer be eligible to access or use the services we provide.